Region VI (NERC) Executive Committee current slate is up for re-election, moving up or moving on in October and we need others to become more involved in our region.  Click here to read the announcement.

Please forward this notice on to all within your states to hopefully gain more involvement for NERC.


Section 1. Executive Committee

The Officers of this organization shall be Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer who
shall form the Executive Committee. The Board of Directors at the first meeting of the Board and
bi-annually thereafter shall elect the Officers. At no time shall more than two Officers be from the
same state.

Section 2. Duties and Powers

The duties and powers of the Officers shall be the duties normally prescribed to their respective
offices. It shall be the responsibility of the Officers to plan, pursue and implement policies that
will promote the purposes of the organization.

A slate of nominees will be presented to the Board of Directors by the Executive Committee prior to the Annual meeting in October. Nominees to the Executive Committee may also be made from the floor during our meeting in October.

Thank you and please contact me with any questions regarding the nomination process.

William McKinney, Secretary

ICC Region VI, Northeast Region Coalition (NERC)

(603) 589-3084


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