• To elevate the position of the Building and Fire Official.
  • To promote efficiency in the administration of Building Departments.
  • To provide assistance to members in the performance of their duties as Public Officials.
  • To foster cooperation between members and those associated with the Building Industry.
  • To exchange ideas and information of common interest.
  • To foster the acceptance of performance standards for building materials, building equipment and construction methods.
  • In collaboration with other interested agencies to formulate and conduct programs of elated subjects for the edification of the membership in the field of building construction.

Types of Memberships Available

Active Membership: Active membership in the Corporation shall be restricted to public officials actively engaged in an official capacity within the State of New York in any governmental department or bureau engaged in the enforcement, administration or formulation of laws or ordinances relating to buildings and other structures.

Associate Membership: Associate membership shall be restricted to former active members who are no longer eligible for active membership and to public officials other than building officials.

Cooperating Membership: Cooperating membership shall be restricted to architects, engineers and representatives of nonprofit technical and professional organizations which are interested in building codes and building construction standards.

Participating Membership: Participating memberships shall principally include representatives of manufacturers, contractors, financial institutions, insurance companies and other persons or firms similarly engaged in the building industry.

Honorary Membership: Honorary membership may be conferred upon individuals of distinction who have rendered outstanding services in the furtherance of the purposes and objectives of this Corporation. Such membership shall be conferred by a majority vote of the active members present at the annual Meeting of the Corporation. Nominations for such membership shall be made to the Board of Delegates and their approval obtained before said nominations are brought before the membership for a vote. Active members in good standing who are elected to honorary status shall retain all privileges of active membership.

To join, contact your local Chapter (Map of Chapters and their Contacts) Click Here. For further information please contact BJ Gettel. If you wish to join the ICC go to www.iccsafe.org.

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