Code Enforcement Officer

Town of Richmond

Part Time New York State Code Enforcement Officer


Certified New York State Code Enforcer

  • Or equivalent within 18 months.

Knowledge of International Building Code

Knowledge of New York Uniform Code Supplement

Clean NY State Driver’s License

Back ground in construction or relevant education.

High School Diploma or Equivalent

Experience in Fire and Safety Inspections (Preferred)

Major Duties

Monitor and enforce municipal, county and state adopted codes through field inspection and investigations.

Investigates reports of code and ordinance violations; determines appropriate course of action to correct violations.

Prepares and sends letters to business and property owners explaining code violations.

Enforces Local Zoning Codes; prepares reports.

Assists state and local environmental agencies with conducting inspections and resolving issues as needed.

Educates the public regarding Federal, State of New York Local Codes and environmental awareness for construction sites.

Testifies in court proceedings as required.

Prepares reports and maintain inspection records.

Assist Tax Assessor with locating property owners as requested.

Performs other related duties as assigned.

Fire Safety Inspections

Property Maintenance

Knowledge of:

City, county, state and federal laws and regulations pertaining to land use, zoning, building permits, property maintenance, health public safety, peace, fire, traffic, and public nuisance; methods, procedures and techniques used in the identification, interpretation and enforcement of a wide variety of code violations; principles and methods of research and investigation related to code enforcement; effective public relations practices; evidentiary requirements for courts of law; applicable state and federal regulations regarding disabled access.

Ability to:

Recognize conditions that constitute code violations; use effective interpersonal techniques to interact with citizens and the public when explaining, public safety, fire, traffic, zoning/land use codes and permit requirements; analyze potential code violations accurately and adopt effective resolution processes; research and interpret land use, zoning, planning and construction-related codes and investigations; prepare comprehensive reports and deliver oral and written presentations; carry out duties with minimum supervision.

Part Time hourly position pay compensation based on certification, education and ability.

Questions, contact Caroline Sauers, Town of Richmond Supervisor

Send Resume and Cover Letter to:

Richmond Town Clerk

Richmond Town Clerk

8690 Main Street, Po Box 145

Honeoye NY, 14471


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